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Relay for reddit

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Relay for reddit
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📱📰 🤩 Introducing Relay, a fun new way to browse the news and entertainment website Reddit! Whether you're a casual 'lurker', power user, or even a moderator, Relay makes using reddit a pleasure. With its beautiful and intuitive interface, inspired by Material Design, and delightful animations throughout, Relay provides an enhanced browsing experience. 🌟 Links and comments load at the same time, and a simple swipe allows you to switch between them seamlessly. The app also offers inline previewing of pictures, YouTube videos, gifs, and HTML5 videos for a more immersive experience. Furthermore, Relay provides advanced comment navigation options such as next/previous thread and the ability to find specific words, making it easier to engage with the content. 🚀 Relay also offers comprehensive Moderator features including the ability to distinguish, sticky posts, and ban users, allowing power users to manage their communities efficiently. 🛠️ In addition, Relay offers a selection of themes and a relaxing night mode, making it easy to customize the app's appearance. Other notable features include multiple accounts support, replying straight from your Inbox, notifications for mail and mod messages, the ability to filter out subreddits you dislike, spoiler support, extensive customization options, hi-resolution thumbnails, and full friends and search functionality. 😊👍 Head over to the r/RelayForReddit subreddit to ask questions or give feedback directly to the developer. Get ready for a fun, intuitive, and customizable browsing experience with Relay! 🌐🔍


  • 🌟 Beautiful and intuitive interface inspired by Material Design

  • 🎞️ Delightful animations enhance the browsing experience

  • 🔄 Swipe to switch seamlessly between links and comments

  • 📷🎥 Inline previewing of pictures, YouTube videos, gifs, and HTML5 videos

  • 🔎 Advanced comment navigation with next/previous thread and find words feature

  • 🛠️ Comprehensive Moderator features for efficient community management

  • 🎨 Multiple themes and relaxing night mode for easy customization

  • 📧 Reply straight from your Inbox

  • 🔔 Notifications for mail and mod messages

  • 🔞 Subreddit filtering and spoiler support

  • 🖌️ Extensive customization options including font style and size

  • 📸 Hi-resolution thumbnails for a more detailed view

  • 👫 Full friends and search functionality

  • 😂😄 Rageface and MLP emoticons via PonyMotes


  • 🌟 Beautiful and intuitive interface for an enhanced browsing experience

  • 🚀 Advanced comment navigation options make engaging with content easier

  • 🛠️ Comprehensive Moderator features for efficient community management

  • 🎨 Multiple themes and night mode for customizing the appearance

  • 🔔 Notifications keep you updated on new messages and mod activity

  • 🖌️ Extensive customization options allow for personalizing the app


  • ❌ Free version limited in features compared to the paid version

  • ⏳ Loading times can be slower for certain content types

Relay for reddit

Relay for reddit