How to Sync Data from iOS to Android? Best Apps Picks

Google Drive

With the advancement of technology and the diversification of personal needs, many people may choose to switch from iOS to Android. However, such a switch may bring some challenges, one of which is how to sync data from the old iOS device to the new Android device. This article will recommend several apps that can sync data between iOS and Android.

1. Google Drive: This is a cloud storage service developed by Google, which can be used to back up various data, including contacts, photos, videos, etc. Just install Google Drive on your iOS device, upload the data you want to back up, and then log in to the same Google account on your new Android device to download the backed-up data.

2. Move to iOS: Although this app is mainly used for migrating from Android to iOS, you can also use it to back up some data, and then find the corresponding apps on the Android device to import these data. Please note that this app cannot back up all types of data.

3. MobileTrans - Phone Transfer: This is a professional mobile data migration software that supports direct data transfer between iOS and Android devices. The types of data that can be transferred include contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, etc.

4. Samsung Smart Switch: If your new device is Samsung, then this app is perfect for you. It can directly import contacts, photos, music, text messages, etc. from iOS devices. At the same time, it also supports importing data from iTunes backups.

In summary, the above are all excellent applications that can help you sync data from iOS devices to Android devices. However, you need to consider the characteristics and limitations of each application and choose the one that suits you best. Before switching systems, it is best to back up your data just in case.