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Chainfire3D Review:

Chainfire3D works as intermediary OpenGL Driver, Chainfire3D works between android apps and graphics driver and can intercept or change commands between apps and graphic drivers.

Basically it helps android users to do some basic Graphic improvements i.e. Reducing Texture Size, Reducing Texture Quality and Unroll Textures to improve your Phone Performance and reduce memory usage. Download Chainfire3D v3.3 APK Latest Version for Android Smart Phones and Tablets with Running Android Froyo and Gingerbread.

Remember to use this application you will need Root Access on your device which means if your device is not rooted you have to root your device first to use this application you can use Universal Androot, z4root or Cloud Root for this purpose.

Chainfire Root also has some built-in functions and can be extended with plugins to get more functionality on your device. If you are a newbie you must be thinking what is Chainfire3D or How it works, Basically Android devices with Froyo or Gingerbread has low memory and performance.

When it comes to playing Large games as those games have high graphics which results in slow game performance on Android devices with older versions this is where Chainfire3D works like a PRO for it reduces the game graphics and textures which will improve your phones performance and speed while playing such games. When we say OpenGL Driver or Exchanging commands its simple meaning is it will improve your phones performance while using large apps and games with high graphic and texture quality.

There are many sites claiming No Root Versions but to use this application you must have root permissions there is not any No Root Version of this application. And if you are using HTC Device you might also need a writable /system partition. S-OFF is also required on HTC devices and this application works on with devices with 1ghz+ Processor.

If you are familiar with gl tools application for android this app works similar to that application both of these apps reduce or improve graphics for better performance and speed if you are looking for Chainfire 3D for Android 4.1 Devices we suggest you to use Gl Tools which is great alternative for new android versions.

Download Chainfire 3D APK for Android

Chainfire 3D works perfectly on android devices with 2.3 Gingerbread and Froyo versions, we have shared direct Download Link for Chainfire 3D APK on our site. Just click on the download button above to download APK File. But before downloading this application see below paragraph on how to use Chainfire 3D on Android Devices with Gingerbread and Froyo.

How to use Chainfire3D on Android Devices with Froyo and Gingerbread?

Before using this application remember you need some requirements on your device, Firstly you need to have a Rooted Android Device you can check with any Root Checker app to check your device If your device is not Rooted then Root your Device first we have some articles to help you with this here. Secondly If you have HTC device make sure you have writable /system partition. S-OFF is also required and your device must have 1ghz+ Processor.

Once following above requirements Download Chainfire3D APK from our site Direct Download Link is given above in this post.

Now, Go to your Phone > Settings and Make sure to enable unknown resources on your device you can enable this option from your Phone > Settings > Security > Unknown Resources > Enable.

After enabling above option Go to your Downloads Folder and Install Chainfire APK Fire it will ask for Root Permission Grant them.

In a minute or two your downloading process will complete now that you have successfully installed this application open the App from your Home Screen.

Now Open Chainfire3D: OPENGL and you will Three Options Reduce Texture Size, Reduce Texture Quality and Unroll Textures Check all of these three option and Play your Favorite Game and you will see Performance Improvements and Speed. There is a Plugins Option Check Thread on XDA Developers for Available Plugins.

Supported and Tested Devices:
These are some of the Tested Devices with Chainfire3D, You can use this application on other devices as well this app works perfectly on most of modern devices available but we suggest you if your device is not enlisted make sure to Back up your Data First.

HTC, HD2, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Epic 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid 2, LG Optimus 2X, Google Nexus S.

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